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A man wearing a CBM tshirt stands holding a laptop displaying the Peek Admin dashboard.

2023 product highlights and a “Peek” at the year ahead

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Peek CEO, Andrew Bastawrous, stands with his arms crossed with trees behind him.

Andrew Bastawrous awarded Tällberg-SNF-Eliasson Global Leadership Prize

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Lady Health Worker conducts eye screening using the Peek app in Pakistan.

New government support for CBM-Peek projects in Pakistan paves the way for further scale-up

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President Tinubu, alongside Peek Vision CEO Prof Andrew Bastawrous, Health Minister Prof Mohammed Ali Pate, National Eye Health Programme Coordinator Dr. Oteri Okolo, and Director of Public Health Dr. Chukuma Anyaike, during a significant event where Minister Pate presents a National Policy Document on Eye Health to the President.

Nigeria’s President Tinubu commits to improve access to eye health

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A woman having her eye screened as part of the Vision Impact Project in Bomet, with one hand over her left eye, and sitting in front of some trees.

Kenya’s Vision Impact Project reaches one million people in its first year

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Jeanette McKenna and Marie-Claire Boyle from Peek Vision, positioned second and third from the left, at the Digital Leaders 100 award ceremony, accompanied by event host Alex Boardman and category sponsor Blaise Hamond, in a celebratory and prestigious setting.

Peek Vision Scoops the Digital Leaders SME Award 2023

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Peek CEO, Andrew Bastawrous, holds up a phone displaying the Peek app vision test with 'tumbling E'. He shows this to a group of men in rural Kenya.

Peek Vision’s CEO, Andrew Bastawrous, awarded an OBE

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The Peek approach is transforming eye health at scale. Discover how with these insights from our team.

Cover of the Peek Vision brochure, showing a man holding up a phone displaying the Peek app with 'tumbling E'.

Making the invisible, visible

Learn more about who we are and what we do through our brochure.

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cover of paper entitled 'Towards 100% effective ye care coverage' with a photo of a boy covering his eye for a vision test.

Towards 100% effective eye care coverage

Drawing on a decade of Peek’s experience. This paper highlights how better actions, based on data, can lead to better services.

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A Kenyan woman covers one eye as she has her sight tested by Peek after an eye operation.

The Peek approach to measuring and creating impact

A paper exploring our key metrics and how Peek systems provide programmes with robust data for improved impact.

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School children in Kenya sit in a row, using their hands to cover one eye as part of a vision screening session.

UHC Indicators: What is the role of Peek?

A paper exploring the World Health Organization’s eye health indicators and how Peek tools support them.

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Peek tools are backed by rigorous research. Learn more about the evidence in our research briefings. If you are a researcher interested in using Peek in your work, please contact us.

Phone showing the Peek vision test app is held in front of a traditional screening chart.
Kenya Nepal

Our evidence base

Peek tools are developed using rigorous scientific and public health methods, and are backed by numerous peer-reviewed research studies.

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A Peek team member uses Peek's smartphone-based vision check app to check a woman's vision in a house of a remote village of Kitale province, Kenya.

Increasing access to eye care services using Peek

Almost three times the number of people with eye problems were connected to care using Peek, compared to conventional programmes.

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Three Kenyan women use the Peek Vision screening app to test the vision of children at a rural primary school in Kenya.

Peek boosts school eye health programmes

Peek more than doubled the proportion of children attending follow-up appointments compared to conventional school eye health programmes.

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