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Peek-powered programmes strengthen eye health systems by:

Graphic showing a laptop displaying the Peek Admin dashboard with multiple dials showing programme data, and a mobile phone displaying the 'tumbling E' as part of the visual acuity test in the Peek Capture app.

A trusted solution

Governments and international NGOs use our software and data intelligence platform to power eye health programmes and improve service delivery.

How does it work?

Lack of resources and weak eye health screening and referral pathways result in people not getting eye care. Peek helps by digitising and optimising designs for community, school and workplace eye health programmes.


Eye health screening

Our clinically-validated smartphone app means vision screening can be done by health workers who are closer to the communities they serve


User management

Programme managers control who accesses what data with our web-based administration platform



Tailored alerts direct Programme Managers and IT Leads to where their attention is needed


SMS referral reminders

Drives greater adherence to referral by automatically contacting patients or their contacts in their preferred language, before their appointment


Messaging optimisation

Programmes can produce tailored SMS messages for patients to achieve better referral adherence


Up-to-date monitoring

Programme managers viewing data in near real-time can act quickly to resolve issues and lower barriers



Our software produces regular, in-depth reporting, configured to meet the needs of the individual programme. Includes exports for external platforms such as DHIS2.


Workflow configuration

Our software is highly configurable, capable of matching the unique practitioner workflows and patient pathways of every programme

Screen from a video about Peek software for eye health programmes. There is a phone and a laptop both displaying data, and the accompanying text reads: "Peek Admin is a platform where data from Capture shows whose need for treatment is and isn't being met.