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Generous contributions from our donors have enabled Peek to build a scalable solution. Join us in making the invisible, visible! Your support can help us expand our impact even further.

Since 2021, we have been proud supporters of Peek Vision. In that time, they’ve massively grown their impact backed up by rigorous measurement, moved closer to sustainability and government adoption – all of which are critical elements we look for in our partners. We’re excited to see how they’ll continue to accelerate and scale their impact in the years ahead.”

Phillip Langford's headshot. Philip Langford
Chief Operations Officer, Dovetail Impact Foundation

Peek Vision is a learning organisation dedicated to building creativity and innovation into everything they do. They are committed to serving not just the easiest to reach but the most vulnerable and marginalised populations in their mission to solve curable and preventable vision loss. This drives them to use data in creative ways and build equity into all of their systems. Working with them is always a powerful learning experience – We only wish every sector had a Peek.”

Jacqueline Baaske's headshot. Jacqueline Baaske
Chief of Staff for Greenwood Place

Peek is developing timely solutions to the global vision crisis and we have been impressed by Peek’s adaptability and willingness to bring fresh thinking to the way we treat avoidable vision loss. We are excited by the work that Peek and its partners are doing to make a lasting change to the lives of millions of people, for whom vision impairment can be prevented or treated.”

David and Molly Pyott standing together outside. David and Molly Pyott
Founders of the David and Molly Pyott Foundation

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Funders interested in exploring transformative giving, especially through multi-year donations, please contact us to discuss the difference your contribution can make.

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    The Peek Vision Foundation is a registered charity in England and Wales. We can receive tax deductible donations from supporters based in the US through Myriad USA (formerly KBFUS). These donations are processed by

    US donors have also secured an equivalence determination certification for The Peek Vision Foundation from the NGO Source.

    If you are interested in supporting Peek, please contact us to discuss the options.

    We take all reasonable steps to inform ourselves of the source of funds from potential donors. We work with potential donors to understand their motivations for giving, satisfying ourselves that the funds did not derive from an activity that was or is illegal or is in conflict with the values and principles of Peek Vision.

    Familiarise yourself with Peek’s history by browsing the Annual Reviews page.
    Peek Vision is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. Access our information including financial reporting on the Charity Commission’s website here.