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Peek Certification launches to support scale-up

AGC Tenwek Hospital in Bomet county, Kenya, has become the first organisation to be officially certified by Peek Vision. 

The new Peek Certification model equips eye health organisations with the skills to help them independently train Peek users and analyse programme data. Certification will be offered to all those organisations who are working with Peek to implement eye health programmes. This will enable partners to scale up programme activities more quickly and efficiently. It also ensures that certified individuals are highly proficient in key aspects of Peek processes, supporting excellence and driving continuous improvement.

Phone showing the Peek vision test app is held in front of a traditional screening chart.

A smartphone showing Peek's clinically validated vision test app. Credit: Peek Vision.

A team of five people from AGC Tenwek Hospital were successfully certified in Peek Software User Training in April 2024, following a rigorous assessment by experienced Peek trainers. Tenwek has been using Peek technology since 2022 as part of the Vision Impact Project, a multi-county programme led by CBM and the Kenya Ministry of Health. 

“Our implementing partners are the experts in delivering eye health programmes in the communities where they work,” said Grace Mwangi, who leads on Certification for Peek. “Our Certification model aims to make their work easier by equipping them with the skills, tools and competencies to work independently, while maintaining high standards as they scale up their activities.”

“During their Certification assessment, the team from AGC Tenwek Hospital demonstrated good knowledge of Peek training materials and process, and strong group management and teamwork. Congratulations to the team on their achievement.”

Faith Lang’at, Programme Manager at AGC Tenwek Hospital, said: “Peek provided rigorous training to help our team members become competent in software user training and gain their Certification. We’re proud to be a Peek certified organisation and it means we can now manage our Peek user training independently, giving us greater flexibility to expand and improve our services.”

Certification is now being rolled out to all of Peek’s implementing partners. It will help increase access to quality eye care across all locations where Peek is powering eye health programmes, supporting Peek’s ambition to scale globally.

The model provides training and Certification for a core group of individuals (a minimum of two people and a maximum of five) at each organisation. All individuals first complete a general foundation course which covers the basics of Peek’s approach, delivery process, and software. The implementing partner organisation can then choose to certify its team members in one or both of the following modules:

  • Software User Training – Skills to effectively plan, implement and review a workshop for new Peek users
  • Monitoring and Evaluation – Using Peek to conduct regular programme monitoring for continuous improvement

Certification is delivered through a combination of online training and practical sessions, observation and assessment. It is valid for one year, and is renewed annually following reassessment. 


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