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New government support for CBM-Peek projects in Pakistan paves the way for further scale-up

Lady Health Worker conducts eye screening using the Peek app in Pakistan.

A Lady Health Worker in Matiari, Pakistan, called Nasreen Bano, doing screenings in the community. Credit: CBM

The national government of Pakistan has given CBM and Peek Vision what amounts to a mandate to develop more eye health projects in the country. The support paves the way for the expansion of CBM school and community programmes powered by Peek, which have already screened more than two million people across two provinces.

A Proven Partnership

Since its inception in 2018, the partnership between CBM and Peek has been transforming eye care services in Pakistan. Beginning in the district of Chakwal, Peek-powered programmes are currently operational across seven districts, reaching around 100,000 people per month.

This has been achieved through working closely with implementing partners such as the College of Ophthalmology & Allied Vision Sciences (COAVS) and Sindh Institute of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences (SIOVS), and the national and provincial governments in Punjab and Sindh.

The programmes use Peek’s software and data intelligence platform for eye health assessments and referrals, enabling timely interventions for vision loss and related diseases. Peek’s smartphone-based vision test app and data capture and analysis software help identify those who are not reaching eye care services, leading to a more inclusive approach.

Government Support

This success has now been formally recognised by the Pakistani government, with the Ministry of the Interior issuing a ‘No Objection’ letter. This signifies that the government has no objections to the implementation of further CBM-Peek projects in collaboration with public health institutions across Pakistan.

The recognition is the result of continued advocacy efforts by CBM and Peek,  particularly through the National Committee of Eye Health which operates under the Ministry of Health and Regulatory Authority.

We are delighted by the support from the Government of Pakistan. This is an affirmation of the years of hard work and collaboration between CBM, its partners COAVS and SIOVS, Peek, and various governmental bodies in Pakistan. We can now look forward to an even greater reach across the country.”

A headshot of Dr. Zahid Awan, in a red shirt and black suit. Dr. Zahid Awan
Inclusive Eye Health Project Manager, CBM Pakistan

The Way Forward

With governmental backing and a successful track record, the CBM-Peek partnership is poised for further expansion. It has already shown that CBM’s expertise combined with Peek’s innovation leads to more effective, inclusive eye health services.

This milestone shows what’s achievable when technological innovation aligns with strategic efforts and governmental backing. Thanks to this initiative, two million people have had their vision tested and nearly 200,000 people identified with vision problems have been connected to care. And we’re only just getting started.”

A headshot of Farhana Rehman-Furs, smiling in a white sweat shirt. Farhana Rehman-Furs
Head of Programme Partnerships, Peek Vision.

Looking forward, the focus of the CBM-Peek partnership is to harness the programme’s proven methods to reach even more people in Pakistan, and in the 6 other countries where the organisations work together. The primary objective is to significantly reduce avoidable vision loss and guarantee widespread access to quality eye care.


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