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Scaling our impact

After several years of research and development, the first Peek-powered programmes launched in 2018. It took three years to reach the first million people. And just one year to reach the next four million.

Powering eye health globally

The way I have seen Peek is helping is that you can test somebody’s vision from anywhere as long as you have your phone; you no longer have to walk around with a lot of papers; what we call charts; the ones we used to carry around. If you have your phone; and if you see that someone needs help; wherever you are; even if you are in the rural areas you can test their vision.”

Nyengedzo Chimunda
Ophthalmic Nurse, Council for the Blind Zimbabwe
Nyengedzo Chimunda's headshot. She is wearing a healthcare workers' uniform and is sitting in on optical shop.

With Peek we are now able to reach the places that we never thought the eye health programmes will take us. I’m also now able to see the impact that the programmes have had; and the number of children and adults that have problems. It is really assisting me with programme planning.”

Busisiwe Mzyece
National Programmes Manager, Council for the Blind Zimbabwe
Busisiwe Mzyece's headshot. She is wearing a yellow Council for the Blind uniform and standing outside.

I live in Kwatito and I love to serve my community. It is fantastic to be able to bring vision screening and basic eye care permanently into the community. Peek definitely makes it easy. The training was fantastic; the screening and data capture is very quick; so you can see many patients within a short amount of time. ”

Benson Paul Magina
Eye Health Screener, Tanzania
Benson Paul Magina is standing in a rural field holding the Peek Vision app on the screening test function near to a village screening centre in Tanzania.

Peek has brought a fantastic improvement of the system for tracking referrals to here and they are reaching our facilities at a great rate. Here we see Peek referrals very often and the number is growing every day. It is less paperwork and definitely easier to track. If the case needs more advanced treatment they are referred on to KCMC.”

Dr Naomi Damas Shayo
Ophthalmologist at Mawenzi Hospital and Regional Eye Coordinator, Tanzania
Dr Naomi Damas Shayo wearing a doctors' coat and standing in the outdoor leafy grounds of the Mawenzi Hospital in Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. She holds the Peek Vision app opened to a data capture function.

Peek improves eye health programmes

Reach 2.5x more people with vision screening
2.5x more
Connect 16x more people to the treatment they need
16x more
Cost 6x less per completed referral
image description
6x less

Why it matters