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We partner with eye health organisations who are the experts in delivering targeted programmes in the communities where they work. Peek Certification gives them the skills, tools and competencies to scale up programme activities with reduced input from Peek.

What does it cover?

We provide training and Certification for a core group of individuals from each of the organisations working with us to implement Peek-powered programmes. All individuals first complete a foundation course which covers the basics of Peek’s approach, delivery process and software. They can then be certified in one or both of the following modules:

Software User Training

Skills to effectively plan, implement and review a workshop for new Peek users.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Using Peek to conduct regular programme monitoring for continuous improvement.

Directory of certified organisations

The Peek Certification model launched in early 2024 and is being rolled out to all implementing partners. Certification is valid for one year, and is renewed annually following reassessment. The following organisations have been certified by Peek.

Certified in Software User Training, March 2024. Visit their website.

Certified in Software User Training, May 2024