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A school girl in Zimbabwe has her vision screened using the Peek app. She faces away from the camera and the screener sits opposite her, holding up the phone displaying the 'tumbling E' acuity test.

Peek-powered Programmes

Software to optimise and evaluate eye health services in schools, communities and workplaces

A woman in Kenya has her vision screened as part of a RAAB survey. A health worker holds a phone displaying a digital vision test app, while the woman covers one eye with her hand to do the test.

Rapid Assessments

Software and tools to help programme planners understand their populations’ eye health needs

Data security and protection is important. We take it seriously.

Data protection is at the forefront of our development and implementation processes. Our software is secure and we follow global best practice to keep data safe. Peek is:

ISO 27001 certified

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised information security standard.

UK/EU GDPR compliant

We manage, process and safeguard data in line with the highest standard of data protection regulations globally.

A responsible data processor

Data is owned by the Government or an appointed eye care provider; Peek is the data processor on behalf of the data owner.

Phone showing the Peek vision test app is held in front of a traditional screening chart.

It all started with an app

Programmes powered by Peek screen hundreds of thousands of people per month, connecting them to the eye care they need. Find out more about the innovative app that sparked a movement.