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Towards 100% effective eye care coverage

Peek perspective:
Drawing on a decade of Peek’s experience. This paper highlights how better actions, based on data, can lead to better services.

cover of paper entitled 'Towards 100% effective ye care coverage' with a photo of a boy covering his eye for a vision test.

How can quality data can build a reliable picture of unmet needs, allowing eye health services to effectively deploy resources and move towards universal eye health coverage? Learnings from Peek’s work with partners around the world, plus insights from eye health sector experts.

What does it cover?

  • Why it pays to have universal access to eye care
  • Why people don’t get the eye care they need
  • Creating a 100% coverage eye health programme
  • Expert contributors from academia, NGOs and private eye care providers

If eye health funders are prepared to back this data-driven approach to eye health, we believe that progress towards eliminating avoidable vision loss could be accelerated and even achieved in the next three decades.”