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Scaling up use of Peek technology in Kenya

A summary of research into the opportunities for wider use of Peek across Kenya.

Cover of a summary of research entitled: Scaling up use of Peek technology in Kenya

Following the successful adoption of Peek in a multi-county project in Kenya, what are the opportunities for further scale-up? Peek Vision commissioned the International Development Institute- Africa (IDIA) to conduct a detailed study into the use of Peek technology in Kenya. It identified next steps and possible pathways to government adoption, with the potential for a transformative effect on the country’s eye care sector.

What does it cover?

  • Perspectives from patients screened in Kenya as part of Peek-powered eye health programmes
  • Evaluation of Peek based on users’ experiences in Kenya
  • Recommendations for next steps in scaling the use of Peek technology to new counties in Kenya
  • Pathways to government adoption of eye care programmes using Peek

The key value of Peek was most commonly identified as strengthening the link between community members and health service providers. Decision-makers in the health sector felt the main challenge addressed by using Peek was bridging the resource gap (human, financial and equipment) which prevents community members seeking eye care services.”