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The Peter Ackland Scholarship

In recognition of Peter Ackland’s contribution to global eye health, his commitment to supporting the eye health leaders of the future, and his role as Founding Trustee of the Peek Vision Foundation, The Foundation established a scholarship in his name. 

The scholarship covered the online course fees for up to 18 students to attend the Global Eye Health one-week short course at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. The scholarship commenced in 2020 and has run annually for 3 years.

The Scholarship was open to any eye health professional (ophthalmic nurse, optometrist and ophthalmologist) or programme manager in the field of eye care from a low or middle income country, who has at least three years of work experience in eye health, and is fluent in English.

Applications for the 2022 Global Eye Health short course and Peter Ackland scholarship have now closed.  

“When you meet people and you can solve their problem, it’s a great feeling - it is not just my joy, but the joy of the patient. And when you share their joy then that is double joy.”

Dr Hillary Rono

Ophthalmologist and Peek Kenya Country Manager