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Peek Perspective: Towards 100% effective eye care coverage

Credit: © Peek Vision/Operation Eyesight

The vast majority of people living with vision loss need just a simple pair of glasses or cataract surgery. So, why do so many not have access to these simple, life-changing solutions?

At Peek Vision, we believe that much of the answer depends not necessarily on delivering new innovations, but on innovating the delivery of proven solutions.

And we believe that quality data has a big role to play.

Helping partners to design and deliver highly effective and equitable programmes so that more people can access eye health is at the core of Peek.

Today, we are releasing a  paper that highlights how better actions, based on data, can lead to better services. It draws on a decade of Peek’s experience as well as insights from numerous sector leaders who have helped us to shape our solution. We believe that using data to identify unmet eye health needs and to continuously improve eye health services is key to ensuring every person achieves access to universal eye health coverage.

Access the full paper here.