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Dr Andrew Bastawrous

CEO & Leadership

Andrew is an Ophthalmologist (Eye Surgeon) and Associate Professor in International Eye Health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. He has worked and undertaken research in over twenty countries including two years living in Kenya where he led a major eye disease study and the development and testing of Peek. Andrew has published over 40 peer-reviewed articles, is a TED Fellow, Ashoka Fellow, Rolex Laureate, UBS Global Visionary and World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.

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Melissa Kuecker Witte


Melissa supports Peek on its organisational strategy, ensuring our focus remains on strengthening eye health systems to improve the outcomes of individuals with eye health problems. She has experience in international development and eye health working for various US International NGOs, most recently leading Combat Blindness International.

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Cosmas Bunywera

Project delivery

Cosmas has been working with Peek since 2012 when it was a research project in Nakuru, Kenya. Originally helping maintain the hospital equipment transported to over 100 locations, Cosmas now manages the day to day running of the school eye health programme in Kenya as well as providing training and support to Peek programmes internationally.

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Sergio Latorre Arteaga

Project delivery

Sergio supports the delivery of eye health programmes in several countries and is the lead for Peek in Pakistan. He is an optometrist and researcher with a passion for public health, and is also Assistant Professor in the Optometry Department of the University of Lurio in Mozambique. He has a PhD in Health Sciences and a Masters in Sustainability and Social Responsibility. His research has been published in numerous scientific journals including the Bulletin of the World Health Organisation.

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Ryan Littman-Quinn

Project delivery

Ryan provides strategic direction and leadership for the Peek team in Botswana through an appointment at the Penn Center for Global Health. All work in Botswana is carried out in close partnership with The Botswana-UPenn Partnership (BUP). Ryan has led mHealth projects in multiple countries and was awarded the Lions International Melvin Jones Fellowship Award for Humanitarian work in recognition of his leadership of Peek Botswana.

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Stuart Mackie

Project delivery

Stuart builds and maintains relationships with Peek's government and national partners, finalising the agreements critical to delivering a successful national programme. His background is in I.T. service management and delivery, with experience working in various financial services and technology organisations for over 20 years. Having worked in Australia, Japan and the UK, he has developed extensive experience building strong relationships in a complex business landscape. He holds an MBA from Cass Business School in London, with a keen interest in Innovation Management.

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Cynthia Mautswe

Project delivery

Cynthia works as a Peek Lead trainer to deliver training on Peek Solutions in Botswana and other countries, ensuring effective and efficient use of Peek technology. She graduated from Botho University with BSc (Hons) in Health Information Management.

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Farhana Rehman-Furs

Project delivery

Farhana supports and develops our partnerships with Peek's global NGO partners. She is an experienced and accomplished professional in the humanitarian sector, with over 16 years of experience leading a global charity. She has a background in partnership management, development initiatives and managing international teams. She is a graduate in business administration and is currently studying a Masters degree at SOAS University of London. She also sits on the Advisory Board for A Fresh Chapter, a US cancer advocacy charity.

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Nam Thaker

Project delivery

Nam has over 10 years of experience delivering projects that tackle a wide range of public health and health systems management issues. These include working with NGOs on increasing the number of health professional graduates in areas of need, with NHS England and its partners on setting up London's Operational Delivery Networks, with Healthy London Partnerships on tackling the mortality gap for those with severe mental illness and most recently with Imperial College Healthcare Trust on their Pharmacy Workforce Strategy. She is an alumnus of London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

Nam Thaker photo

Keitumetse Thamane

Project delivery

Keitumetse is a graduate of the University of Botswana and is the key liaison between Peek and the Botswana Ministry of Health and Wellness, working within the National Eye Health Office. Prior to joining the Peek team, she worked in the Ministry of Health and Wellness for two years, where among other activites she co-led the 2016 Peek Pilot Project in Goodhope, Botswana. She also works to deliver Peek Solutions to different countries by providing training and project delivery support.

Keitumetse Thamane photo

Maipelo Tuelo

Project delivery

Maipelo is Project Manager for the Peek team in Botswana, managing the day-to-day running of the project team as well as supporting training in other countries. She graduated with a Bsc (Hon) in Applied Business Computing from University of Sunderland, UK. Her skills and experience are in project management and risk management. She has been leading the school vision screening programme implementation in Botswana, in partnership with the Government of Botswana since it started in 2016.

Maipelo Tuelo photo

Nigel Bolster

Research, design & development

Nigel supports research partnerships with various institutions and works on hardware development and service support. He is an optoelectronic engineer, and has been developing smartphone-based hardware for eye care for the past three years, including the technology involved in the early prototypes of Peek Retina.  He has also been involved in health systems research and is currently studying for a PhD in biomedical engineering.

Nigel Bolster photo

Priya Morjaria

Research, design & development

Priya has over 12 years of experience in the field of public health. She is a trained optometrist who is now at the forefront of public health optometry. She practiced community and hospital optometry for several years, before joining the International Centre for Eye Health (ICEH) at London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) to pursue her interest in public health full-time. She is a research fellow at the LSHTM, has worked on eye health research in multiple countries (Africa and Asia), and has a PhD in child eye health with a focus on school eye health services. Her work has been recognised by the World Council of Optometry with the 2017 Paul Berman Young Leader Award.

Priya Morjaria  photo

Hillary Rono

Research, design & development

Rono is an eye surgeon, advocate and public health researcher who leads the Peek mission in Kenya. He has overseen the creation and renovation of eye health facilities and teams in Trans Nzoia county, Kenya, including Kitale Eye hospital, serving a population of 1.6 million people.  Rono is currently completing a PhD on the utility of Peek for comprehensive Community Eye Health Programmes. He was featured by the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust in their inspirational film “Double Joy” and has been named an “Eye Health Hero” by the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB).

Hillary Rono  photo

Karen Sparrow

Research, design & development

Karen oversees training and development for new programmes at Peek, building up knowledge in the field and translating it to enable successful and sustainable implementation and scaling up. She is a trained optometrist and has substantial national and international senior clinical and management experience. Karen is also an alumnus of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine with a Masters in Public Health in Eye Care, and a member of the Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers.

Karen Sparrow  photo

Nick Sawers

Research, design & development

Nick is a research and evidence analyst at Peek. He is a medically trained Doctor with an interest in global development and public health research. He has worked previously in project management and operations and spent time in Botswana and Tanzania with Peek.

Nick Sawers photo

Mark Daunt

Software Development

Mark is a software engineer who works on Peek web and mobile applications. Previously, as a mentor and trainer he has helped aspiring software engineers in Australia and Papua New Guinea realise their full potential. He has also recently worked on enterprise web applications including and the Australian Tax Office. Mark has a major interest in software development for sound and music and is currently studying for a masters degree in this area.

Mark Daunt  photo

Richard Evans

Software development

Richard sets technical strategy at Peek to meet the needs of our users, programme managers and partners. He architected the platform that now underpins Peek screening applications. Richard has extensive experience in software development.  He led the technical team that delivered Lloyds Bank’s first Internet Banking product and later co-founded a software company where he served as Technical Director for over 10 years.

Richard Evans  photo

Vince Hewitt

Software development

Vince develops and maintains Peek applications for mobile and web platforms. He designed and built our community outreach apps, produced the latest Peek Acuity releases as available on the Google Play Store and is part of the team currently developing our screening platform, Peek Capture. Vince has over 20 years experience in IT working for organisations such as Vodafone, Samsung, Prudential and Barclays Bank.

Vince Hewitt  photo

Malcolm Kiilu Jr.

Software development

Malcolm works as Peek's system testing lead with the software development team, ensuring that the delivered solutions meet the best user experience possible. A graduate of the University of Botswana with a major in Computer Science and minor in Finance, he also uses his technical expertise to assist in delivering Peek Solutions in different countries.

Malcolm Kiilu Jr. photo

Alex Richards

Software development

Alex is a Senior Software Engineer at Peek, creating Peek solutions applications that help field staff to gather medical observations quickly and accurately, connecting remote patients with eye care services. Alex has been writing mobile applications for the last 10 years starting in Cambodia and now living in Bhutan.

Alex Richards  photo

Kate Box

Resource management

Kate supports the Peek team to live and work by our values to help deliver vision solutions to those who need it. With experience in Human Resources (HR) in large corporations, Kate now works with growth stage businesses to build HR capability and support the delivery of business goals.

Kate Box  photo

Allison Burgess

Resource management

As Office Manager for Peek, Allison’s role encompasses the development and implementation of our administrative procedures, employee engagement, facilities management, and more. Her previous work includes roles in publishing, arts and heritage, financial marketing and events planning. She’s recently worked for the House of Illustration, Wolters Kluwer Medical Publishing, and the XPrize Foundation in Los Angeles, CA.

Allison Burgess photo

Zambo Dikai

Resource management

Zambo is a health informatics professional who oversees the resourcing and delivery capability of the Peek team in Botswana. He has substantial experience of implementing mHealth interventions in low resource settings, using different clinically validated data collection, screening and analytic tools and also supporting clinical research. Zambo has been involved in several different projects in Botswana, cutting across different health specialities, and his interests include improving health care delivery utilising low-cost high-impact technologies and evidence-based decision making.

Zambo Dikai photo

Nurain Mussani-Sherwood

Resource management

Nurain is Business Operations Manager at Peek, overseeing customer service, internal communications and business processes.  Her role focuses on developing processes to make our business run more transparently, and assisting the team as a whole to achieve their goals.  A graduate in Information Systems Engineering, she previously worked at Google in various roles including Project Manager (EMEA) for the Chrome team, where she led the introduction of Chromebooks to the UK educational sector.

Nurain Mussani-Sherwood  photo

Arabella O’Hara

Resource management

Arabella O’Hara manages invoicing and cashflow management for Peek as well as liaising with our accountants. She has worked in accounts for 10 years, previously at ICSA: The Governance Institute and Absolute Applications Limited.

Arabella O’Hara  photo

Jamie Wallis

Resource management

Jamie oversees risk and compliance strategy across all areas of Peek, including company governance, data privacy and data security. He has implemented an information security management system that has led to Peek becoming an ISO 27001 certified company. In previous roles Jamie has worked for GroupM, the world's largest media investment group, where he implemented and managed IT audit programmes and risk management frameworks.

Jamie Wallis photo

Oliver Wells

Resource management

Oliver ensures Peek operates with visibility and processes that ensure accountability. He is an experienced Finance Director and Chief Financial Officer having successfully built organisations himself.  Oliver has built up an effective and cutting-edge tool kit in the area of financial management that is grounded in practical application. His years as a founder and CEO enable him to effectively connect with the leadership team.

Oliver Wells  photo

Robin Percy

Peek Foundation

Robin works for the Peek Vision Foundation. Her role covers charity governance, financial and grant management, as well as supporting fundraising, organisational development and strategic planning. She has worked in the eye health field since 2003 with roles at Orbis UK, the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness and the International Centre for Eye Health at London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

Robin Percy photo

Daisy Barton


Daisy ensures we effectively communicate our work to partners, supporters and beneficiaries, and the wider community. Her previous work includes managing media relations for The Lancet group of medical journals, and communications roles at the Royal Society and Maudsley Biomedical Research Centre at King’s College London.  She has also worked in academic publishing and for a London homelessness charity.

Daisy Barton photo

Sebastian Dennis-Beron


Sebastian is responsible for digital communications and content management, communicating Peek Vision's work to a global audience. He has previously worked in academic publishing as an editor for a series of medical journals, and has a public health MPH from Imperial College London.

Sebastian Dennis-Beron photo

“When you meet people and you can solve their problem, it’s a great feeling - it is not just my joy, but the joy of the patient. And when you share their joy then that is double joy.”

Dr Hillary Rono

Ophthalmologist and Peek Kenya Country Manager