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Our Governance Structure

Peek Vision is a social enterprise that consists of three entities: The Peek Vision Foundation (Foundation), Peek Vision Ltd and Peek Vision Pty Ltd (Botswana). The Peek Vision Foundation, a UK registered charity (Charity number 1165960), is the sole shareholder and 100% owner of Peek Vision Ltd, a registered company (Company number 09937174) incorporated in the United Kingdom. Peek Vision Pty Ltd, incorporated in Botswana (Company number BW00000520922), is wholly owned by Peek Vision Ltd.

The Peek Vision Foundation is guided by an expert Board of Trustees. Peek Vision Ltd is governed by a Board of Directors accountable to The Peek Vision Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Through Peek Vision Ltd, we provide products and services for the public good. Peek’s entities are purpose-driven, united to achieve ‘Vision and eye health for all’.

The Peek Vision Foundation’s impact

Since its inception, the Foundation has been critical in supporting Peek Vision Ltd to become a thriving provider of technology and public health tools. You can read more of the impact of Peek’s work.

In addition, the Foundation funds scholarships, communications and research.  The Karen Sparrow Scholarship (and previously, the Peter Ackland Scholarship), supports eye health professionals from low-and middle-income countries to attend the Global Eye Health course at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

Peek Vision Foundation co-funded the development of the Community Eye Health Journal app, which provides eye care workers, especially those in the global south, with current, easily accessible, peer-reviewed information. 

The Foundation also funds research projects with select organisations to support the development of Peek’s software and data intelligence platform, resulting in quality products that benefit the entire sector.

Board of Trustees