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Peek Vision is a social enterprise that brings better vision and health to everyone. We develop technology and programme design to create sustainable access to eye care. 

Peek is a hybrid organisation that consists of three entities. The Peek Vision Foundation is a registered charity in the UK. The Foundation wholly owns a trading company, Peek Vision Ltd, registered in the UK, which is a legal manufacturer of medical devices and develops products and services to bring eye care to people worldwide. Peek Vision Ltd is the parent company of Peek Vision Pty Ltd incorporated in Botswana.

Any profits generated by Peek Vision Ltd’s activities ultimately belong to the Foundation. The Foundation uses its funds to build eye care capacity in low resource settings by supporting people, knowledge and tools.

Find out more about our organisation and activities in our annual reviews, which are available on our resources page.

The Peek team in 2017
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“When you meet people and you can solve their problem, it’s a great feeling - it is not just my joy, but the joy of the patient. And when you share their joy then that is double joy.”

Dr Hillary Rono

Ophthalmologist and Peek Kenya Country Manager