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Peek in Kenya

Peek began life in 2012 as a part of a research project in Nakuru, Kenya. Led by ophthalmologist Dr Andrew Bastawrous, the study team set up 100 eye clinics to survey and treat people’s vision problems.

The study highlighted some of the challenges faced by eye health services in areas like Nakuru. Despite the dedication of local eye health workers and commitment from eye health charities, there were simply too many people who needed treatment.

Around the same time, Dr Bastawrous began collaborating with Dr Hillary Rono, a fellow ophthalmologist working in Kitale where he served a large, rural population.

Together, the two doctors had the idea to build a comprehensive data capture system around Peek's clinically-validated vision test app.

Thanks to the support of our partners in Kenya and elsewhere, this idea developed into Peek's software, programme design and data intelligence platform, which today helps eye health providers worldwide to optimise their services and strengthen health systems.

Peek continues to work with partners in Kenya and elsewhere to innovate and develop new ways to address the global vision crisis; a major research project in partnership with Kenya’s Ministry of Health and others is currently underway investigating new ways to accelerate eye health service improvement.

36 million people worldwide are blind.  Four in five of them could keep their sight with simple surgery or treatment.  Millions more can't see clearly, yet need no more than a simple pair of glasses.  We won't stop until everyone has been linked to the treatment and services they need.