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Peek Retina is no longer available for sale, as of September 2020.

Peek Retina is a portable smartphone attachment that enables the user to view and capture images of the optic nerve through a dilated pupil.  It was sold by Peek Vision from its launch in 2017 until September 2020, when sales were discontinued.  These pages provide further information about Peek Retina as a resource for existing users of the device and other interested parties.

Image of Peek Retina portable ophthalmoscope on a white background
About Peek Retina
Information about Peek Retina
Image of Peek Retina smartphone ophthalmoscope in use
How to use Peek Retina
Image of a retina captured using Peek Retina
Common questions about Peek Retina

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Dr Hillary Rono

Ophthalmologist and Peek Kenya Country Manager