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Making the invisible, visible.

Technology and data insights to solve the vision loss crisis

1.1 billion people live with avoidable vision loss. Many remain invisible to health services. Our software and data intelligence platform makes eye health services more efficient, effective and equitable. Governments and international NGOs use Peek to strengthen health systems and connect more people to better vision.

What Peek does

Our technology optimises eye health services in communities, schools and workplaces. Our partners see greater screening coverage, increased attendance at follow-up appointments, and services that cost less per person. Explore our solutions.


Vision screening and data capture by anyone, anywhere

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Oversight of the patient journey from screening to treatment

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Powerful software to produce actionable insights


Scalable programme design and continuous improvement

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A trusted partner for data-driven eye health

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Analysis shows Peek-powered programmes can:

Reach 2.5x more people with vision screening
2.5x more
Connect 16x more people to the treatment they need
16x more
Cost 6x less per completed referral
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6x less

Our partnership with Peek has enabled us to bring eye care to millions more people across many countries. Vitally, it helps us understand where people are getting lost in the health system and means we reach those who would otherwise miss out on the treatment they need.”

Headshot of Babar Qureshi Dr Babar Qureshi
CBM Director of Inclusive Eye Health and Neglected Tropical Diseases, Vice President of IAPB

Peek technology is revolutionising school eye health screening. It is a user-friendly and very effective tool for screening large populations without the need for specialist eye health workers. Using Peek improves referral pathways and prevents children identified with eye problems from falling through the cracks of the health system. ”

Headshot of Alice Mwangi Alice Mwangi
Kenya Country Director, Operation Eyesight Universal

Using Peek to screen patients’ vision is very simple. I can screen anywhere and it is very quick. It has also massively reduced the time taken to enter paperwork and I know that every patient I refer for eye health is being tracked in the system no matter where they are found. It has made my job much easier.”

Pili Hasadi Hemedi, Eye Health Screener in Kifaru, with a phone displaying the Peek app vision test. Pili Hasadi Hemedi
Eye health screener, Kifaru, Tanzania

When I arrived back to my village, I was overcome by seeing my beautiful granddaughter. She is gorgeous and very surprised I could see her too! Regaining my independence is life-changing, I am so incredibly thankful for my treatment… Now I am the biggest ambassador for eye health in the community – I tell all my neighbours to get their eyes checked and not to be afraid of treatment.”

Teodosia smiles at the camera. She received eye care as part of a Peek-powered programme in Tanzania. Teodosia
Received a cataract operation after being identified through vision screening in a CBM-Peek programme in Tanzania.